Most Romantic Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Romantic Valentines Day Gift Ideas in 2022

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Valentine's Day: Most who celebrate it will agree that there is more to the holiday than just the x's and o's.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans alone spent $21.8 billion on Valentine's Day last year. This amount includes gifts, flowers, cards, and outdoor dining.

With so much noise during the holidays, reservations filled up quickly and florists sold out. For those who don't plan ahead, a day of love can be a daunting task.

Don't let your Valentine's Day plans this year go to waste. Here are five last-minute romantic valentines day ideas to try on February 14.

1. Skip Reservation:

Reservations are few and Valentine's Day is still a long way off. The downtown restaurant is accepting reservations two weeks before Feb. 14, according to Maggie Bristow, host of The Depot. 

Just a few days after booking opened, the restaurant was fully booked.

Rather than fight reservation queues, this year you'll have a get together night. Couples can choose to cook dinner together or, for those less experienced in the kitchen, bring food home from a popular local spot.

Romantic Valentines Day Ideas

2. The Bae Basket:

Bae Basket, a term originally coined by TikTocker Eli Rallo, is a handpicked collection of his favorite things. Ralo explains that the basket can hold anything from snacks to small clothes, all tied up in one basket.

"I think this is the best gift you can give for Valentine's Day," Ralo said in a recent post.

3. Rom-Com Marathon:

Are you trying to impress movie fans? Plan a movie marathon. Keep it festive with romantic comedies like "Valentine's Day" or check out some of your personal favorites.

To learn more, grab your favorite theater snack for a late night meal.

4. Decorate Cookies:

Romantic Valentines Day Ideas

Who said cake decorating season had to end after the New Year? These dates can be random or more structured depending on what a partner is looking for.

For a more traditional date, the Marriott Grand National Resort in Opelika is offering a decorating class on February 12-13. Guests receive a supply box and various Valentine's Day items. Tickets are $30.

For a more relaxed experience, take this class baking and decorating cakes at home.

5. Flowers (because some things never go out of style):

Traditional? Yes. Siren? Florists do not think.

Jarod Johnson, manager of The Flower Store in Auburn, believes that giving flowers for Valentine's Day will never go out of style. For now, the statistics support his theory.

According to a study by Statista, Americans spent a total of $2 billion on flowers for Valentine's Day in 2021. The same study reports that these numbers have remained relatively stable since 2010.

"Nothing says love like roses," Johnson said.


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